Atlanta Black Theatre Festival – Dear Black People

Synopsis: This one act comedy, Dear Black People is a satire that “roasts” black culture, identity, racism, relationships, sexuality, music, politics, typical stereotypes and more. It’s an enlightened perspective of the Black experience that engagingly becomes a mirror to some and a cultural baptism to others. The piece challenges assumptions such as: Can you be pro-Black and date a non-Black person? Do Black women who wear weave subconsciously want to be white? What are some solutions to Black issues that Black people alone can execute?
This witty performance is presented in poetry and prose and stirs up audiences with side splitting humor and stimulating thought. But don’t stop there, hang around for the “talk back”. Warning: Things may get hilariously heated.
Written by: Chris James
Directed by: Chris James
City of Origin: Little Rock, AR
Suitability: Mature (under 14 yrs NOT permitted)
Warning: Explicit or Strong Lanquage
Genre: Spoken Word, Comedy
Booking Info: