What Makes Us Different

At Credit Union of Atlanta, we approach things a little bit differently than the average bank. That’s because as a credit union, our focus is not on profits or personal gains. Instead, we pour our energy and any profits earned into securing better rates for our members. And as a member, you’re not just any old customer. You’re a partial owner of a company that functions solely for your progress.

We are like certain “big banks” in some respects though—we offer top-notch products and conveniences. Ours just come backed with friendly, personalized customer service.

Utilize our knowledgeable staff, as well as online information, to strengthen and secure your financial well-being. Whether you could most benefit from our financial glossary: debit management; investment, retirement, or trust and estate planning, we make sure you always have what you need.

All of these motivations lead to our mission, which is central to everything we do at Credit Union of Atlanta:

“To provide personal financial services for our members’ well being. “

Our History

Credit Union of Atlanta was founded in 1928, in the midst of the excessive Roaring Twenties and just before the Great Depression. Through times of great financial strength and also financial strife, Credit Union of Atlanta has maintained stability and security through our strong foundation and the holistic success of you, our members.

From the heart of the jazz age to the present day, we’re still jazzing it up for our members. With unique offerings and always-reasonable rates, we strive to make a well-rounded financial life possible for all. Come be a part of something bigger than just a banking hub, become an integral part of a credit union—one that would be proud to call you a member.


670 Metropolitan Parkway Atlanta, GA 30310