Welcome to the home of AEIM Fitness. Led by a successful Atlanta Personal Trainer, Rahman “Ray” Grayson, and his AEIM Fitness Team is committed to helping their fitness clients improve their appearance and build self-esteem. Ray provides personalized fitness and nutrition plans specifically tailored to meet the needs of each client. Whether you are aiming to lose weight, build muscle, or gain endurance, “Mr. Shut Up and Train” has a workout plan for you!

As President and CEO of AEIM, Ray has extensive knowledge in the fields of business and personal training. Upon receiving his degree, Ray’s passion for sports and fitness led him on this journey to revolutionize the fitness industry. Employing his signature “In Motion” >

Recently, Ray has been featured as a fitness expert in dozens of well-known publications

nationwide, and AEIM’s presence in the media has led to new streams of clientele.

To ensure that each client receives the proper amount of personal attention,

AEIM employs a fleet of qualified and dedicated personal trainers. The ‘AEIM’

team offers group sessions and one-on-one training. Motivating, educating,

and promoting the adoption of healthier life>

mission. The fitness philosophy endorsed by Ray and his team

states that results should be measured from a functional

standpoint (i.e. your appearance, how clothing fits,

or by the way you feel), rather than by arbitrary

numbers on a scale.

Ask yourself, “Are you ready to SHUT UP AND TRAIN?”


500 Bishop Street Northwest, Atlanta, GA, USA