PRECISION ATHLETIC CORPS Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance Training at it’s BEST……….. We build an athlete’s overall muscle endurance while developing an elite level of strength & power, speed & quickness as well as flexibility & agility through high intensity spiritual, mental and physical plyometric, callisthenic and weight training programs that are designed for an athlete to perform beyond their peak performance level while playing.

PRECISION ATHLETIC CORPS Fitness Bootcamp Training

Fitness Bootcamp Training at it’s BEST……….. PAC Fitness Bootcamp is a premiere training program for any individual looking to get the best performance out of their body daily no matter their career. P.A.C. uses strength/power, speed/quickness and flexibility/agility training to concentrate on improving an individual’s neuro-muscular system. The goal is for initial movement—lateral, linear, or vertical—to become automatic, explosive, and precise physical, mentally and spiritually.


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