Who was Rosie? 

Look up, fix your eyes on the photo located at the top right entrance of the doorway. A beautiful picture of Rosie. She graced us with her presence into this world on July 24, 1952 given the name Rosie Gail by her parents. A perfect name for an adorable baby girl, Rosie Gail had deep dimples and a lovely smile. She grew up like your average child, attending school and choosing to better herself throughout life. Upon high school graduation she went on to pursue a college degree. She earned her BA degree from Troy University in Troy, Alabama.


During her lifetime she married Elrie Stephens Jr., and was blessed with two radiant, beautiful children. A boy named Brandy and a girl tagged Ericka. Her legacy left to those two followed by words of wisdom. #1. To love God 1st, love each other and family. # 2. To work hard to succeed in life.

All in this family were elated to visit her home. She greeted you with a warm smile and gave you a loving tasty meal to consume.

If her warm smile didn’t capture you, you became hooked on the food she prepared with an abundance amount of love. Her roast beef and colorful vegetables topped off with candy yams was one of her best. It is only fitting and proper that this establishment bears the name Rosie’s for Rosie was a rosebud which blossomed into a beautiful rose. Her children refused to allow the Rose to wither.

A comment she often made if: “she was up or down, Honey Boom”. As the rose looks down from heaven, it is our sincere hope that it makes you happy to see the legacy of love that continues to live on.

Our customers, we love and thank you for your support. In memory of Rosie Gail, a portion of the profits will be donated to the LUNG CANCER FOUNDATION OF AMERICA. We trust that you will continue to support the success of Rosie’s. Although Rosie is in heaven, I am sure she can view the atmosphere as she looks around she can say “I am not dead yet.” May you blossom, dust off wits and say from your spiritual soul, I am not dead yet.  


The rose lives on committed to stay in our hearts and soul. The main ingredient for all of her recipes is love.


Honey Boom!


2330 Sylvan Rd Atlanta,GA 30344