Here at Seasoned Crabhouse we care not only about the freshness of the seafood, we care also about the seasoning that makes consumer’s experience our priority.
Our vision is to bring seafood seasoning to perfection and to serve everyone who love seafood-yet to grow even more by adding more locations and providing food trucks for our seafood lovers.
At seasoned Crabhouse we don’t make the special food; rather, the love and seasoning we put in seafood is what makes us your #1 choice.


Established in 2018.

We started our new adventure this year and working on being the market leader in seafood. As two young entrepreneurs, we have our similarities and differences, yet the only thing that keeps us work hard,shoulder to shoulder, is our priority which consists of serving our customers with the best seafood taste they’ve never experienced, and to keep them 100% satisfied.


1631 Leon Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32246