Welcome to Sip & Savor, Chicago’s favorite coffee spot. We bring you the finest certified fair trade coffee from around the world, as well as a wide selection of teas, mochas, frappes, lattes and blended drinks . Breakfast is no secret around here. With a plethora of drink menu options—in addition to delicious pastries and small bites from local bakeries, we are “globally local” and we’re all about it! At Sip & Savor, there’s really something for everyone.

Find us in Bronzeville, Hyde Park, Rosenwald and SouthLoop and become a part of the Sipnation.

We’re proud to be among the restoration of historical buildings and development of new businesses on the Southside of the city as this brings new neighbors to our growing community. Come visit us—we know you’ll savor every last sip.


Meet Trez V. Pugh III

Founder & CEO

Sip & Savor, Inc.

Trez V. Pugh, III is the Founder & CEO of Sip and Savor, Inc., a company that owns and runs high-end coffee houses on the Southside of Chicago. Pugh, in addition to being the Chief Executive Officer, works a full-time job for the U.S. Government. He prides himself on being a mentor volunteering with at-risk kids through the Becoming a Better Man Project (BAM).

A blended background.

With a Bachelor of Science in Information and Decision Sciences, and a minor in Economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Trez began his career in 1982 working for the Social Security Administration as a Claims Clerk. After spending a year in this position, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. After a four-year tour of duty in California, North Carolina, Japan, and Korea, Trez briefly returned to the Social Security Administration and was then hired by the United States Postal Service.

He rose through the ranks of postal management fairly quickly holding positions in transportation, finance, quality control, operations, and strategic planning all while enrolled at the University of Illinois at Chicago as a full time student.

Trez’s passion has always been to contribute to the community by creating jobs, mentoring the youth and inspiring others to believe in themselves and to work hard to achieve their dreams. When his schedule permits he gives speeches and mentors young business students who are interested in opening their own businesses.

It began organically.

Trez’s love of community and his success in real estate lead to the birth of his coffee houses. Over a decade ago, a childhood friend convinced him to venture into that industry. His love affair with coffee and teas intensified with his first launch, the Bronzeville Coffee House on 43rd street which later re-opened as Sip and Savor.

Sip & Savor, where coffee and community meet.

Walk into either Sip and Savor and you’re likely to see a familiar face. It’s common for media personalities, entrepreneurs and elected officials to be sipping coffee along with retirees, college students and other hard working Chicagoans in for a break and a good cup of coffee and great community-focused conversations.

Known for its exceptional quality and flavor, Sip & Savor coffees are certified fair trade, and in some cases, certified organic and shade grown. This means that the products you buy maintain biodiversity, provide shelter for migratory birds and help reduce global warming.

Trez is driven to make a difference with his coffee shops. Bringing the community together is at the forefront of his brand and business ventures. He is committed to showing our youth that rising to the challenge of making a change is far more rewarding than simply going into business solely to make money. With this focus, drive and determination, the Sip & Savor brand is a daily testament to the idea that when you put good behind intentions, you will flourish. Soon there will be four Sip and Savors on Chicago’s south side with more to come.

A brimming future.

Trez is now a veteran coffee man at a time when so many positive things are happening on Chicago’s south side. His goal at Sip and Savor is to create a home away from home for the community. To create a space that captures the positive energy and excitement that exists in Chicago neighborhoods and to add to the burgeoning revitalization.

After almost 3 years, Sip and Savor has positioned itself as a key player in the “spread positivity” movement. Not only do they serve coffee and teas, Sip and Savor is “globally local”. It supports other local business by carrying pastries and small bites from local bakers and bakeries. Sip and Savor also carries a plethora of breakfast items on its menu.

Trez and his Sip and Savor brand is striving to become major game changers. With rapid growth and a solid commitment to community, Sip and Savor has become the neighborhood’s coffee shop of choice.”

As seen on…

Pugh has appeared on WVON and WBEZ radio stations as a guest speaker on their business round table segments, he has also been interviewed by Metro-Mix, Sun-Times, Tribune, Indigo, Time Out, DNA Info and Fresh Cup on topics ranging from business start-up costs, employee empowerment, challenges facing entrepreneurs’ and Micro Lending.