​Bridgette Harris, a native of Chicago, IL. found her love for cooking as a little girl in the kitchen with her grandmother. Coming from a background of cooks in her family, she didn’t know this was her calling just yet . Her Grandmother Beatrice Tolliver, migrated from Delta Greenwood, Mississippi during the great Migration to the north in her early 20’s. Beatrice, known to everyone as Bea, was known for her delicious cooking. As history goes, when other southerners migrated to Chicago, Bea would open her doors and cook big meals for everyone to feast upon. Bea later became head cook for the Chicago Public School System. Remembering countless hours in the kitchen with her grandmother and mother, watching them cook multiple meals at a time, and seeing them put their love and their soul into the food inspired Bridgette. After many early mornings and late nights in the kitchen sitting at the feet of her mother and grandmother, Bridgette still did not know that cooking was her calling. Once Bridgette graduated from high school she attended Jackson State University in Mississippi with a desire to pursue an education in criminal justice. Somehow, things still just did not feel “right.” Bridgette loved to cook but never in a million years did she think her gift would make room for a vision. As the years passed by, Grandma Bea passed away and her mother became very ill so Bridgette began to step into the kitchen more often. The first dish she mastered was string beans with potatoes and smoked turkey. Her sisters would tease her and call her the string bean queen. After the passing of her mom, cooking became therapeutic. Just like her grandmother, she would throw big dinner parties and open her doors to friends and family. Bridgette had finally found her calling. She believes that soul food comes from the soul and you have to cook with love just like her Grandmother and Mother, to truly reach the soul. After accepting and walking into her calling she stepped out on faith and slowly began catering small events. After preparing food for small catering events, the word was out and she was soon hired as a private chef for multiple dinner parties. With encouragement and support from her family and friends she decided to open her first restaurant. She chose the befitting name of her true love Soule’. Soule is a southern cuisine featuring creole and seafood dishes. Bridgette’s mission with Soule’ is to prepare meals from the heart that reaches the soul and leaves customers with smiles on their faces. It’s “real” Soul Food as she would say.


About the Owner

***Due to limited space, time, and an effort to make each meal fresh daily. Group seating will be limited to parties of 10 on weekdays and parties of 6 on weekends. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.***


1931 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL, United States


Our Story

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Soule Chicago, is a premiere boutique restaurant that takes pride in exceptional service. While we may be small in size, we believe this allows us to devote more effort into individually ensuring each customer has a pleasant experience. We take pride in our environment and willingness to serve whether you’re grabbing a quick lunch, enjoying an intimate dinner or hosting a private party, stop by and put our service to the test!


1931 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL, United States